DECISIONS, by Anonymous

There was a girl name Molly Lake,
one day she had decisions to make
that would tell her the path of life to take.
She had a pencil in one hand,
a knife in another.
looking at one and the other.
she knew this meant torture.
She chose the knife
to go further.
She had the word revenge written on one hand,
happiness written on another.
looking at one and the other.
there would be a long list of names.
She chose happiness
so she won’t be burning in flames.
After the choice she heard a strange voice say
suicide, suicide on and on in her head.
Wanting it to go away
she went to bed.
When she woke up in the morning she heard it again,
suicide, suicide on and on.
Later that day
Molly Lake was gone.
Lying on the ground,
having a knife in her heart.
that life is really hard.
If she had chose the pencil she could have lived,
her spirit could have flied.
But yet she chose the knife
and died.
See what bullying
can do to someone.
If you say something mean,
even just one.
You could ruin
someone’s life,
to the point
of them holding a knife.
If you’re a bully,
you should think twice.
Before someone else’s life,
pays the price.
~Decisions, by Anonymous
“Bullying ruins the victim’s life real bad. and this poem says it all. when it talks about the decision between the pencil and the knife and the pencil meaning torture, well the pencil represents school, and how hard school is for people, not the learning part but the mean kids. And when it talks about picking revenge there would be a long list of names, well that means all the kids in school. That also means no one likes her. She is a loner, a person in the dark, and also a victim, the prey, the target. Also when she picked happiness and started hearing strange voices saying suicide, that means to her the only happiness for her is to die, that she isn’t meant for the world, that she will never find happiness. But to me she was wrong. I bet in the future she could have had a better life. If your thinking that suicide is the only way to have happiness, you’re wrong. You could have a better future. Don’t give up now. Be strong, fight your way to a better life. Don’t let anyone pull you down. Don’t let words distract you. Who cares what they think, all that matters is what you think and don’t let anyone tell you other wise. YOU WILL RISE!”  

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