I come home and cry
Lay on my bed
And let tears stream
From my eyes
Why did you decide
To make me your target
To make me the one who’s
Bullied all their life
Who gave you the right
To make me feel
Like I am worthless
To cry myself to sleep at night
What have you got planned
To make me feel worse
Then I already do
Just show me your hand
I already feel
Worthless and dumb
Ugly and untalented
So what else is there to reveal
You feed off my fear
You laugh at my sadness
You get a kick out of hurting
And love to see my tears
You have been doing it for years
So now I’ve had enough
I’m not putting up with you anymore
So have fun with your jeers
I have waited so long
To gain the courage I now have
To be able to tell you
What I think back
~Strong Enough to Stand, by Taylor
“I wrote this after reading some old diary entries from when i was in elementary school.  I was a lot less self confident then and I remembered how I was too young to deal with the pressure without taking some of the insults to heart.  I hate how the bullying starts when we are too young to defend ourselves.”

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