BULLYING, by Claire

My dreams are wings
That no man can ground
My happiness a sun
That no words can put out
I have known this thing
Called bullying too well
Now I have this shield
The defend
There is no way your words
Will ever offend
In the past they would have hurt
Even brought me to tears
But that was before
I realised
They are just words
No more, no less
Just sounds you make with your mouth
But can’t stop anything
Not even my breath
My smile doesn’t falter
As you yell and curse towards me
My heart is indifferent
To your insults
I won’t let you
Defeat me
I’m much stronger than that
I hope one day you’ll see
That the girl you are bullying
Might one day be your boss
And you’ll feel her revenge
Through the rest of your life
She doesn’t need to hear
Everything you say
She doesn’t want to feel
That you hate her that way
I’ve grown stronger
But she’s still weak
She needs you to stop
To see what you’re doing
But you won’t do that will you
You’re too angry to care
So you’ll still leave her there
Crying and hating herself
For something you can’t live without
Words of hatred to you
Are like oxygen to us
You can’t breathe unless you’re hurting someone
You’re afraid you’ll die if you stop
Or maybe it’s just revenge
You’re terrified of
But if I had met you today
The only feeling
I would have is pity
You don’t deserve my anger
Not even my tears
You’re worse than I was
Hating myself all those years
So find yourself a new victim
And destroy yourself some more
And maybe one day you’ll see in a mirror

~Bullying, by Claire

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