WHO’S THE COWARD? by Inês Pedro B

~Who’s the Coward? by Inês Pedro B
This is a cover I made for a poem that a user in Wattpad made. Its called “Who’s The Coward.” The picture represents a girl frustrated with the things the people are telling such us insults, or beating her or forcing her do something she doesn’t want to do, and her freedom (represented by the butterflies that are linked with her heart) is chained because she feels pressure and then it makes us depressing and maybe some day the girl will commit suicide. BUT she told herself (this is in the poem) “No I won’t let it hurt because you are not a bully… YOU’RE A COWARD” This act makes the chains broken and gave her freedom. In this way my moral to this is : Those people who dare to hurt you will hurt you if you let them do it to you. YOU MUST DEFEND YOURSELF! Don’t let those COWARDS, because that is what they are! Hurting people just to feel strong. THEY ARE NOT STRONG! But if we defend ourselves we will be the strongest, not the weakest. Because WE FIGHT!

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