FREEDOM ENDS TOMORROW, by Freiheitintraumen

Freedom ends tomorrow
Mindless hours
In a mindless trap
Might as well hold me back
It’s like im drowning
Like im being killed
A slow torture
Ears, eyes, mind, body,
Assaulted by those around me
Words like rivers flow
Painful, torturous, torment
Lean back and wonder, again
How can they be so dumb?
How can you be so blind?
How can you live in this?
How do you hide?
Ignorance so blinding
Living my life in this hell
No way to scream
No where to run
No way in hell this could ever be ‘fun’
I want to cry
I want to scream
How can’t you see
What you do to me?
How can you laugh?
How can you smile?
How can you live in your skin?
How the hell can you be ‘you’?
Where is Europe?
Where is China?
We live in America?
Giggles and laughter
I’m horrified
You laugh at stupidity
Smile to cause pain
I hear your lies
I see your fake smiles
You think you can hide it
Some of us DO see
I hear the whispers
I feel the looks
I taste the animosity
I’m different
I’m weird
I’d rather be me
Than be you
Rather be free
And be true
May be a rebel
But I’m not blind
I may be alone
But only in your eyes
Behind me, Around me,
Surround me
There are people like me
People who see
People who believe
We are the outcasts
And we are more than you will ever be
~Freedom Ends Tomorrow, by Freiheitintraumen
“When I was in fifth grade i transferred from a charter school where I had been permitted to work at my own pace to a Catholic School. At my old school I had always been one of the social butterflies, I was simply the ADHD girl who was always ready with a smile. The kids in my new school felt differently. None of them wanted to talk to me. They all believed me to be arrogant. The school administration made me repeat grades 5-8 with my class and the class resented me. I slumped into a depression and turned to an alternative style of clothing and music. Now I am in high school and I am still with these same kids. People who prize looks above academics and popularity above individuality. I have however discovered, online and through academic camps, other people like me. They suffer like me and together we are more.”

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