DON’T LAUGH AT ME, by Lindsay H

I was that chubby kid with glasses,
The one they called a geek.
I was that girl who never smiled
because I had braces on my teeth.


When they laughed at me I cried myself to sleep.

I was that girl on the playground,
Who was always chosen last.
Only because I was slower
Than the other kids in my class.

I say, “Don’t laugh at me, I’m just like you, you’ll see.”

Please don’t laugh at me.
Please don’t call me names.
Please don’t find pleasure in other’s pains.

We’re all alike,
We’re all the same,
Someday we’ll all have the same fame.

Don’t laugh at me.

I was that girl in the background,
The one who was overweight.
Always so insecure,
Never considered myself great.

When you make fun of me, I want to throw myself away.

Don’t laugh at me.
Don’t call me names.
Don’t get your pleasure from my pains.

I may look different,
But we’re all the same.
Someday you’ll end this stupid game.

So don’t laugh at me. 


~Don’t Laugh at Me, by Lindsay H
“I was bullied a lot as a kid. Other girls constantly made fun of me because I wasn’t ‘normal.’ I liked a lot of nerdy stuff, I was serious about school, I was fat, I wasn’t ‘boy crazy,’ and a bunch of other stupid reasons. The bullying got so bad to the point where my anxiety was so high, I had to see a therapist. Although, once I reached high school, I found people who were like me and accepted me for who I was. They are now my friends and I know they care for me very much. 🙂 Stop the hate and be kind to EVERYONE for who they are on the inside and outside.”

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