UNTITLED, by Grace E.

Bullying really really hurts,
when people just treat u like dirt,
Injure u from the inside or out,
But no-one really knows about
How u are feeling and what they are doing,


But u need to get help,
Tell someone at least,
And simply try to just make peace.

I know its hard,
Really hard to believe,
that people can change,
even if u see,
Them as cruel,
Not kind at all!

~Untitled, by Grace E.
“This poem describes how I felt when I was bullied. The bullying lasted about 4 years and I am truly grateful that my mum noticed that i was unhappy and she sorted it out. I just want to tell people that although you think if you ask someone for help, things will get worse, they won’t. They’ll get better.”

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