BRANDED, by Rachel S

The moment she walked through those doors
They branded her
A mark as permanent as a tattoo
For even after the mark fades,
The memory remains


They call her things that she never was
Liar, whore, kiss-ass, drama-queen, cheater
Anything and everything that could
Possibly insult her

They never stop to think
That she is smart because it is
The only thing she excels at
Or that she is only friends with boys
And never slept with even one of them
They never think that one day,
She might sink into blackness

They never stop to think about
The consequences
If she were to commit suicide
They never would blame their comments
Their brands or any lies they told
That were designed and honed to hurt
As they tried to destroy her soul

If she was depressed
They blamed her home
Her parents and family
Even though she loved them dearly
And loathed her tormentors with all of her heart

But this girl was strong
She survived and lived
Branded by memories and scars
But she is proud of them
For they made her what she is
She may be branded
But she is stronger than
Every tormentor, every bully

Who dared to brand her soul


~Branded, by Rachel S
It is about a girl who is bullied in high school and sinks into depression that leads to thinking about suicide. Its message is that suicide is never the answer, because even terrible things that seem unstoppable can make you a stronger, better person in the end.”

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