IT GETS BETTER, by Katantoon

~It Gets Better, by Katantoon
“Just recently, a young boy of 14 took his own life. Jamey Rodemeyer. Jamey has been bullied a lot for being gay; bullied by his peers, his schoolmates and recently even by the people from the internet. He posted an encouragement for bullied teens this month, telling them that it will get better but sadly, it did not got better for him. Many reacted to his death and many has sparked awareness on teen bullying and suicide. I hope someday no kid or anyone has to take their own life because pain has been consuming them too much. Weather you are being bullied or you know someone experiencing it, take action! Be the agent of change. A friend is much much better than a blade, don’t hurt yourself, the effect is only temporary. Remember that there are people who loves you so SO much, the world is a beautiful place, don’t give up. Taking your life away is not the solution, be the change the nation needs.”

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