~The Secret Burden, by Anonymous
He’s 14
He’s short
He’s in high school
They call him names
They don’t know him
Yet they keep saying those
Heartless remarks
But they don’t know
What he’s been through
He’s been through
the loss, the pain, the grief
He’s been hiding it
It’s been building up inside
There are times where
He doubted the importance of
His existence
The only reason why
He didn’t commit suicide
Was because he could hear his
Mother’s voice, saying
“Be strong.”
But she’s gone.
And he replied,
“The trauma, the loss, the blame, those heartless
remarks, malicious smiles, making me feel like
NOTHING, those sleepless nights, remembering
HURTS so much, I can’t TAKE IT anymore I 
wish that this can just STOP… but they don’t
And whenever someone would mock him, he would think;
“You can LAUGH all you want, but YOU don’t know what I’VE been through”
….. and one day, I hope you’ll get to feel how I feel, and TELL ME how it’s LIKE.

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