My breath was knocked out of me,
as a rapid fist struck my gut...
---Gasping for breath was useless;
there was another blow on its way.
This time... 
A blow to my neck.

My sight was blurred,
as my heart skipped a beat,
for what I thought was many hours,
was actually...
Just one second.

Smack. Thump. Crash.
---For an hour,
I suffered... Everyday...
By these constant beatings.

I fainted.
waking up to an empty house.
Preparing myself for school...
hiding the fact, 
that I'd just been beaten. 

The school bus arrived,
I slowly trudged my way,
through layers of shining snow,
that I once thought beautiful... 
My limbs throbbed with pain.
Pain that felt like,
thousands of large needles,
sinking deep into my muscles...
I held my breath,
trying not to scream out loud. 

...I boarded the bus,
to find myself,
being glared at by many people...
I scowled.
I couldn't stand seeing their glares.
Their glares... 
That stared at me...
From head,
to toe.
Snickering at my stained clothing,
or my old shoes that I'd found....
In the dumpster.... 
They cringed their noses,
as I walked past.
They whispered, 
about how dirty I was.

My hands formed a fist,
the blood rushed to my face---
With rage. 

When the bus stopped,
I made my exit. 
And I waited outside,
till I found a good for nothing--- rich---

I grabbed his collar, 
struck him in his face
kicked him to the hard cold floor, 
mocked him of his looks...
And stole his belongings.

I beat up this kid,
I beat up this kid, 
so that he'd know,
what it's like to be me.
I beat up this kid,
I didn't want to be alone.
~In the Shoes of a Bully, by Amy D

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