WHO TO BELIEVE? by Stephanie

~Who to Believe? by Stephanie
This picture demonstrates what I’ve been feeling my entire school life. I was bullied since kindergarten. Mostly it was girls, telling me who I am and who I shouldn’t be. At one period I was also physically assaulted often by the same boy, I would come home with bruises mostly everyday. He kicked me in the stomach, he punched me, he scratched me, he shoved me, at one point he even pushed me down the stairs. No matter who I went to it didn’t stop. I kept strong though. Then I got to middle school, I’ve had the same friends since 4th grade. It’s a huge group of girls, they all take turns calling me things I’m not. In the past, I believe them. But through the internet and art, I discovered that it wasn’t me that was wrong, it was them. They have no right to make me feel inferior without my consent. Words do hurt and they always will. But at the end of the day, I know that I’m a good person, that my future will be brighter then theirs will ever be. I realize that I have the power to either lie to myself and believe them, or tell myself the truth and know that I am perfect the way I am. I myself am a very masculine girl. I don’t like wearing lip gloss, or a bunch of eye shadow, and I’m attracted to other girls. That’s okay. It’s just me being myself like they taught me to! Keep your head high and push yourself to the other side, you’ll be just fine.

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