STAMP OUT HATE CRIME, by Northampton Youth Forum

~Stamp Out Hate Crime, by Northampton Youth Forum

“Northampton Youth Forum – a youth council in the UK – has been turning the experiences of being bullied themselves, findings of a survey of over 100 people this summer which showed lots of young people wanted them to do something about bullying and homophobia, and requests from friends of a local young lady who committed suicide a few weeks ago due to cyberbullying, into a campaign which they have called ‘Stamp out Hate Crime.’ They’ve been working together to develop art work for this for T shirts and other campaign materials. The campaign is working supportively with other organisations, projects and campaigns. It aims to raise awareness that bullying can be hate crime, that nobody needs to suffer in silence, that it’s OK to speak up, that help is available and that there are things everyone can do to help create a better culture that is safer and healthier for everyone’s well-being.” 

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