STAND ALONE, by Shanon S

Walking through these hallways
I look back to the past
I have friends now
But it doesn’t fix this curse


Wandering about
To each class with a fake smile
Emptiness drowning me
Standing alone

I may not be an orphan
I may not be an only child
Or only have one parent
By divorce or by death
I was naive
I was a child
I’ve changed over time
But that doesn’t change a thing
Standing alone

Everyone is the same
T argues about games
A still is the leader and hilarious
C keeps talking
But I’m
I’m just
Standing Alone

In these hallways of pain
Sad thing is
That bullies sometimes don’t know the line
Between teasing and fooling around

Sometimes I want to cry
I want to be weak and fall on my knees
I want to curl up in a corner
But I cannot
Since I stand alone

I pack away feelings
I snap when irritated
My friends, the close ones
Don’t want me to be emo
Don’t want me to be upset
I can’t help it
Either at home
Or anywhere
I forever stand alone


And I can’t change who I am
I imagine pain
Since I have no courage to do it myself
I just can’t stand being
My outer character
My disguised happy self
I want to be me

But I can’t, for my friends might leave
They’re the only highlight of my day
I don’t want to lose them
Over my emotions
They tell me to not go emo
But that’s the REAL ME

Now do you see?
I am, in fact, standing alone


~Stand Alone, by Shanon S
The poem is about how a daily life of an average student at school is slowly pulled into depression. Even though they get encouragement from family, friends, or school staff, they cannot get rid of the “curse” looming over them. Naturally, I put details in there about my life as well, remembering back to the elementary days to the present. This is to show other teens, or children, that even if they don’t have the normal qualities of an emotional distressed person(Orphan, mother/father dead, only child, etc.), does not mean that they can’t tell someone what’s going on in their life.”

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