HIGHSCHOOL, by Bryanna-the-echidna

Highschool. I thought, everything i was told about bullies…was a lie. Just something to scare little kids. But i guess i was wrong. Infact, i don’t Guess.. i know.


See, for those of you parents who believe bullies can simply be stopped like that, They cant. They point out your every fault and SUCK at your negative emotions, Its like food. For them.

I remember my first encounter with a bully. My bully’s name, is “Anthony”. Yes, Like my brother. And that alone, causes him to scare the living daylight out of me. He just LOVES to TICK ME OFF. And he always does. I try to ignore it, but its hard to ignore someone when they’re yelling in your ear. It was bound to happen, Eventually someone would end up bullying me. Hell, i already knew no one gave a damn about me. But come to think of it..I’ve had it WAY to easy in primary school. I’ve always been that girl who paid more attention to my studies than my looks. I have dark skin, and my hair is brown. But its always been messy…even if i try to make it look nice, it always ends up looking like a birds nest. Unlike the other girls in my year level. I don’t wear makeup. I never have. And lets just say I’m not very happy with my body.

But this…KID. No, hes not a kid. Hes an idiot. Infact, i don’t know what he is. Some kind of emotion-sucking..thing! who gets pride out of making me feel like crap and pushing me to my limit. Someone who, instead of doing his work. Sits behind me and calls me names. Makes fun of my clothes and hair. Teases me about things, that i did or said months ago! He stole my IPOD once and went through my photos. I have a lot of drawing tutorials and sonic and anthro stuff on there. To him, this was a GOLD mine. He started teasing me about what i draw, and threw my sketch book in a puddle. He jumped on my schoolbag and snapped my glasses in half. Now i walk into walls and doors all the time, which just gives him another excuse to tease me.

to top it all off, now he’s got his gang after me. A group of 6 boys. Who love teasing me and stealing my stuff. I got a detention a while ago because while i was gone from my computer, they opened a you-tube video…about something “inappropriate” if you know what i mean… And my teachers? They don’t do anything. I’ve told my teachers, even my principle. They don’t do CRAP about it.

Sure, i hate going to school because of these boys. But its better than being at my home…

~Highschool, by Bryanna-the-echidna

1 thought on “HIGHSCHOOL, by Bryanna-the-echidna”

  1. I read this story, and shared it on my Facebook, Twitter and Google+.Maybe you could interest a local newspaper to catch up with your story. People need to hear about this, and it need to be people who can address to your school's officials, and bang on your principal's door.We are not a race of blind and deaf people – so what is their excuse, for doing nothing to help you?!~Michael

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