~Be Who You Are: You Will Rise Above, by Draven E 
“I spent time in my formative years being bullied for various reasons: lifestyle choices, economic situations, etc. I kept silent of what I endured because much of the support that exists today against these unfortunate, circumstances did not exist. However, I found an outlet and foundation within the arts. A firm ground that no words or prejudice could or ever can take from me.”

1 thought on “BE WHO YOU ARE: YOU WILL RISE ABOVE, by Draven E”

  1. I don't feel I was ever bullied very effectively, but I believe that most people are bullied at some time in their life, particularly when they are young. Having an older sister who was singled out by a particular group, for being attractive and a “prude”, and a father, who very early on, explained the nature of “bullies”, gave me the strength and motivation to stand up for myself and others, no matter what. Unfortunately my nose was broken 7-8 times before I got out of high school and most of the time, it was from standing up for a kids I barely knew or talked to, who were being taunted or bullied by a “pack” of kids.25 years later my sister is still affected by what she went through and I still step in if I feel individuals are being unfairly persecuted. You would be amazed at how often it happens in the corporate world.As a parent of 2 grade school children I am very aware of bullying and I have tried to instill a sense of compassion as well as strength into my children. In hopes that they themselves would treat other with kindness and respect and steer away from “pack behavior”, while still being strong enough to do the right thing and stand against “the pack” when they have to.

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