SPEAK UP, by Samantha C

Why must we wait
For another to take their life
Why must our actions
Come after the tragedy
As we stand back and watch
Someone suffers from hate


Someone so beautiful and alive
Is shot down and torn to pieces
Feeling lost and like there is no where else to go
All because we didn’t say anything

When will we realize
That waiting does nothing
They are screaming for help
Yet we still don’t hear it
Because nothing has happened yet

One by one
They all start to leave
So notice
And speak up
Before another one decides to leave

~Speak Up, by Samantha C
“My inspiration for this was that I was noticing all of these suicides in young teens from bullying/cyber-bullying and I saw that it wasn’t until AFTER the tragedy of losing that person to suicide that something was being done. It’s like we have to wait for someone to die before a law gets passed, or the bully gets in trouble or just nay action takes place. It’s always too late. I think we should take action before another person decides to take their life.

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