STILL, by Alexa N

~Still, by Alexa N
“I did this painting one evening after I got home from work. I have suffered with intense rheumatoid arthritis in my toes since I was thirteen and now in my knee, thus creating joint issues in my back. I am now 20 and I have been dealing with being called “cripple”, rude comments, and weird looks as I limp around since about middle school. But this one day at work made more angry than all of those other years combined. My coworker asked me why I limped around so much and couldn’t work double shifts. I explained to her about my severe joint damage from inflammation and how I cannot stand too long and that it messes up my other joints. So she then rudely replies, ” Well if you’re crippled why the hell do you have a job?” I was so angry at her, she not only used the dreaded name “cripple” but she made it seem like I couldn’t support myself or do anything.  I was so infuriated that I painted in order to relax, and to be honest, this email cannot contain the words I felt after she said that, they can only be explained by looking at my painting.”

2 thoughts on “STILL, by Alexa N”

  1. She could actually be fired for that. It is creating a hostile work environment. You are protect by the Americans with Disabilities act.

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