This girl just lost her baby sister.
In the comfort of food she takes refuge.
Always crying because she can’t even remember the last time she kissed her.
Yet every night you sit in your room, you wicked – sinister mister.
You make up puns and names for her –
Well you deserve to rot in Hell, sir!
Do you truly want to know the reason?
With Every Joke you make her spew out confidence.


This boy has a learning disability,
You call him stupid, really?
He spends hours with his head in the books –
You spend hours sharpening your hooks.
To cut into him –
To make him flimsy and thin –
Truthfully, you will one day pay for your sins.
For every remark, you lose your entire honor.
With Every Joke you make him number.

The girl, right there, walking the halls.
She may have a two year old son as of the fall.
She is bright and one day wants to own a small store.
Yet you call her a slut and a whore.
She was defiled,
So are you going to stop your tongue so vile?
Are you going to reconcile?
With Every Joke you don’t only hurt her, you hurt the child.

Like a bullet in a chamber.
Like a fearful lion tamer.
Like gasoline to a fire,
Like a fable to a constant liar.
Like bait for a bear,
And aggravation to a fear –
All of these are just a sharpener to the knife.
With Every Joke, you will take away a life.

Chained to your words,
Like a wingless bird.
You will never get off the ground.
Mainly because your insolence makes you Hell Bound –
Sadly, you have danced with the Hounds.
Now are you ready to pay for the tearing of the prom gown?
What comes up must come down.
Just like how everything comes back around.
So for every daughter-less mother,
For every sister-less brother.
For every son-less father,
And brother-less sister.
I will open your eyes to your sins!
With Every Joke you could kill someone’s kin.


~With Every Joke… by Tristan C
“A poem that sheds light on the horrid reality that is bullying. Do not judge, before you know the person. Do not blame, before you know the reason. Do not taunt, until you know what is the cause. Everyone has a reason on why they act, look, or speak – No matter what that reason is, they are people too, they are loved and they are perfect.”

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