THE POWER OF WORDS, by Stephanie L

The things we say
can change the world
make others laugh, smile, and proud
When we speak to help others
those words improve humanity
When we speak to encourage others
those words spread hope
When we speak to accept others
those words end hate


The things we say
can tear the world down
make others cry, frown, and ashamed
When we speak to hurt others
those words damage humanity
When we speak to intimidate others
those words spread fear
When we speak to reject others
those words end love

When we speak in love
hate is forgotten
No one must live scorned and scarred

When we speak in hate
love is forgotten
No one will live with delight and joy


~The Power of Words, by Stephanie L


“I wrote this poem in 2009, for an old friend of mine, who had recently come out as gay. My younger cousin, who lives near him heard this and began making Homophobic comments about him to me. This angered me and made me think about my own past. I myself have been the target of bullies and have faced both physical and verbal attacks. By the time I was in the 5th grade I was severely depressed and suicidal. For years I faced it alone hanging on to the hope that it would get better. In June 2009, I became one of the first in my family to receive a High School Diploma. I am now in college working for an Art Degree. I have yet to fully break free from my past. I’m still fighting with my depression. There are new bullies that have taken the place of my former classmates. But every day I get up because I don’t face it alone anymore. I hang on because I know it will get better.” 

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