A WEAK OF BULLYING, by Anonymous

Please don’t make me go mom
It’s horrible you know
The pain and suffering that I endure
Everyday at school


On Mondays they take my lunch
On Tuesdays it’s not much better
On Wednesdays they beat me up
Then throw me in my locker

The teachers, they don’t notice
My bruises, cuts, and bumps
Everyone just avoids me
It’s like I have the mumps

On Thursdays they steal my homework
On Fridays they call me names
And on Saturdays, oh you wonder
Why I never go out to play

I told you not to make me go
I really truly tried
But on this day I went to school
They beat me till I died

My head cracking on the sidewalk
Echoes in my ears
Now you understand
Just why I had these fears

~A Weak of Bullying, by Anonymous

“This is a poem I wrote about how there are no ‘weeks’ when you’re bullied, only ‘weaks.'”

4 thoughts on “A WEAK OF BULLYING, by Anonymous”

  1. This voice speaks so brilliantly about what a target of bullying experiences on a daily basis. Others seeing bullies getting away with doing this, often join in making their victims even more fearful of facing each day. The author successfuly voiced this fear. This poem could be the unspoken words of tens of thousands of tortured victims.

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