THAT KID, by Alice M

Middle school
You’ve got your kids with braces
You’ve got your bitches and jocks
You’ve got your teachers’ pets
You’ve got your brainiacs
And then there’s that kid
There’s that kid who just doesn’t fit in
A puzzle piece from another box
A square peg in a world of circular holes
That kid
Picked last in gym
Sitting alone at the lunch table
Crying in the bathroom because some jerk called him a faggot
Getting pushed into a locker because he’s too weak to fight back
Going home to his mom
“Hey honey, how was your day?”
“Fine. It was fine.”
But it wasn’t
And it won’t be
Until one day that kid is a CEO of a big ol’ company
In a big ol’ house
With a little ol’ Mercedes Benz in his driveway
And that jerk who called him a faggot is outside his house, and why?
Why is he there?
After all these years, what the hell could he want?
He’s just here in his garbage truck picking up the trash
~That Kid, by Alice M
“This is dedicated to everyone that was ever bullied in school. Don’t worry, Karma is a bitch.  <3”

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