ECHOES OF JUDGEMENT, by lackofevolution

Trapped alone I cry, I can’t see a single face,
As the echoes of judgement attacks my life’s core,
A CD plays, in my room the only sound,
As the echoes of the schoolyard keep me sadness bound,
The pointed finger that attacked at school,
Remains in my room, to disbelieve the majority is to brake a rule,
I stand in front of the mirror and become jealous of my reflection,
It can’t blame it self for its appearance, thus has no thought of protection,
My body image, my self confidence and trust,
Sit on aging shelf collecting dust,
The echo yells, a reminder to see,
I can’t hide from their reach, look to save to me,
Eating dinner a smile I wear,
Would my parents agree or state that’s unfair,
A youthful mind has limited protection,
A single word can be the start of a life lasting infection,
Not all can survive that long,
I want to last however have been taught that is wrong,
A meal is shared, so too a word,
They fail to see my retreat from the genetic herd,
The smile I wear, the shinning light,
Will disappear, giving into the night,
Trapped alone I cry, I can’t see a single face,
My suicide was caused by bullying, a program known as MySpace.
~Echoes of Judgement, by lackofevolution
Perception of a young teenager that is bullied only to return home and have the bullying continue. There was a time when a person could hide in their home however with the evolution of technology, social media and a reliance on those forms of communication, teenagers can’t hide, not even in their room. This poem is my attempt to explain an issue that doesn’t get much notice, a problem that is growing unless people acknowledge that it does occur, I’m proud to see that the – you will rise project, is attempting to do just that.”

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