BULLYING, by MyOwnPoetry

Hateful words flying here and there.
Everyone’s heart tears.
They pretend their okay
But they know.
That’s why they sink to yet another low.


They watch you try to climb back up
And laugh when they catch the sight of you crying.
The sight of your tears
And the realization that they have found your vast fear.
You just lost the war.

For a long time now,
I’ve realized how many secrets I’ve hid
And personality quirks that I bid farewell.
I could tell they would use them against me.
Why would they leave the ‘outcast’ be?

But I’ve found out what’s true.
Their nothing to fear
But only to pity.
Their witty and cruel words
Were meant to soothe their battered souls.

Don’t let them hurt you
Because now you know why they do it.
Every bit of harsh wording and cruel judgment…
The only way to keep themselves sane
And relieve their unforgiving pain.


~Bullying, by MyOwnPoetry

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