TILES, by Shannon C

I walk through the halls
Skulking as I try to blend with the shadows.
But they swarm me
Stabbing me with their words.


When they leave
I am left lying there
My happiness bleeding out of my wounds
Staining the white, white tiles.

I watch the warmth seep from me
Leaving me as cold as the stone I lie on.
Their words left me empty
And full of pain.

Pain is my life now
As each day they descend on me
And stab me with their daggers of words
To leave me dying on the tiles.

The people walk past
Acting oblivious to my pain.
Ignoring my screams for help
And let me die on the tiles.

Now these tiles are stained as much as me
Them with happiness
Me with pain.
Because their happiness was supposed to stain me.

~Tiles, by Shannon C
“Words are harsh. They stab us like knives. And everyone else just goes on, not caring that we are in pain. Like we are invisible.”

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