THERE IS LIGHT, by Pink Lightning

~There Is Light, by Pink Lightning
“Words cut deep, deeper than any blade or bullet. The emotional toll teenagers and children alike have to pay through their young lives to sometimes unbearable. High school is the hardest part of life. Friendships are ruined, eternal bonds between people are broken when trust is tossed aside. If anybody knows how much pain a simple word can cause, it’s me and my sister. I choose to relieve my stress through my work, she ventilates it in other, more excruciating ways. But she’s another story all together. The meaning of this rather sloppy, unintended piece of my work? To show¬†light when everything around you turns into darkness. You CAN survive and you ARE a special person. All you have to do is love yourself, so others can love you. I may be every one of those words on that mirror, in others’ eyes. But to me, I am only one word. Unique.”

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