A nobody, a joke, a clown they see,
They stalk and shoot to tease,
and though their words constantly stab your back,
you still haven’t gotten used to their attacks,
You’re very brave to be a coward,
and the thought of the grave doesn’t taste so sour,
You stick to the shadows
hoping to be veiled,
your dark plans with destiny
you keep in tow,
a thought so old it begins to grow stale,
Onward you trudge,
alone with nobody to trust,
to life you yet on but with you, you carry a grudge,
like a rusted razorblade cut,
you choose to prove them wrong,
You strive for revenge not caring if they’re too strong,
With defeat too harsh to bear,
you think of that dark appointment with destiny,
and no longer care,
With them slits you put into your flesh,
you join me,
you surrender to death.
~You Surrendered, by Anonymous

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