I’M ONLY HUMAN, by Charlotte Lea P

~I’m Only Human, by Charlotte Lea P
“I’m always being judged. I walk into a room and people instantly label me. They think I’m a nerd because I like to wear my school uniform properly. They think I’m a freak because I don’t fit the mould. They think I’m wrong because I believe there is no mould to fit into. But are we not all human? Is that enough to satisfy them? I hid the true me for so long, but pretending that there is a normal was making me sick. That’s when I gave up trying to fit in. I wrote and drew this on the day I embraced myself for who I am, not what others think I should be. The world is so much more beautiful now! My friends became family, my work became my soul and here I stand, proud to be me. Now when I walk in a room, I’m surrounded by my family without a bully in the world who could take away my happiness”

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