STOP BULLYING NOW and HEY, YOU, by Anonymous

~Stop Bullying NOW, by Anonymous
“It sucks seeing people bullied enough to the point of suicide being the “only way out”. Please help those people in need and learn what you can do to save a life from meeting suicide!
Hey, you.
You’re the one that picks on me, right?
Stop it.
It’s not funny. It’s not “cool”.
It hurts.
Have you read the stats?
1 in 6 bullied kids report to their councilers about being bullied more than once a week.
Every week.
I don’t want to end up like those 1 in 6.
Stop it.
Do you know what bullied kids do to stop your “fun” and tyranny?
Most commit suicide. Do you understand?
Stop it.


Hey, you.
Do I need to say anymore than I already have to?
So what should you do?
Stop it.
You wanted a reputation. Is this how you got it?
Hurting others for your own self-gain?
If you bully someone and he or she commits suicide,
I think of it as murder.
Stop it.
I hope you’ve learned something today.
This is serious.
Do you understand?
Stop it.

~Hey, You, by Anonymous
“I’m not bullied anymore, but for those still suffering, I hope that those people learn that uniqueness is beautiful. YOU are beautiful, no matter what they say. I love you all!”

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