“Sticks and stones
May break my bones
But words can never
Hurt me.”
Spoken so long ago,
  My heart lurches
     At the rhyme.
Who said this?
  They lied.
Words hurt worst
  Of all.
I might not
  Physically hurt
But the words
  Spoken by
    By you
They stab deep
    Deeper still
Far into my core.
Just because
  I’m a little bit
Doesn’t mean I’m
    Or Evil
I’m not a devil-child.
I won’t go to
I can love who
  I love,
Choose who to
Wear what I
And you
Your whispered
Devious gestures
Belong to you,
Hidden in
So no on
Can be
Because maybe
  Stop you.
Because maybe
Hell would be
Because being with
Is the
So I say
  Rainbow Flag,
Rainbow Religion
   And Rainbow Socks.
~Rainbow Socks, by Hunapo
“So when I was younger, around 6th grade or so, people started to say mean things both to my face and behind my back. Along with this, two of my close friends Miranda and Chloe were bullied because the danced to a slow song at a school dance. Throughout my time in both middle school and in high school, I have been a witness to bullying, whether it be because of stereo-types or because of their chosen religion or if they liked the same sex. Personally, I think all those who hate people who are just a little bit different are wrong, and they need to acknowledge this fact. However, that is my opinion. This poem explains how I felt when I was getting bullied in middle school and in high school. Trust me on this one; Words hurt worst of all.” 

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