SHUN, by Alex M

Shun the dyke,
shun the sinner,
shun the one trying to be thinner.
Shun the fatty
shun the depressed,
shun the one who’s poorly dressed.
Perfection is the goal,
it’s born in the soul,
for those who deserve it.
Try and try,
fail and cry,
you’ll never be thin,
you’ll never take back sin,
they’ll never be satisfied,
until your confidence is fried
and your happiness is tied
between your wants and needs.
The hopeless greed,
those who were never freed,
take their place,
become the face
that takes the beatings,
that takes the names,
but goes home and frames
their only happiness and hope,
their only way to cope.
~Shun, by Alex M

Bullies will never be satisfied with what you do to yourself, no matter what they’ll find a way to judge you. You can never expect to go through life without having tough parts, you just have to stand taller than the bullies, they’re not worth your tears.”

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