FADE, by Anonymous

i scream at you to drop it
i yell at you to please drop it
that this is not the way to go
that we can do something
get them to feel bad in some other way
but you wont listen
you stand there shaking
you are as scared as we are
you didn't want to do this
you still don't
but you have to get the point across
get the point across that you were hurt
and that no one can change that
you let off one round in the air
then you point it at someone randomly and fire off another round
this time you hit someone
you hit me
the bullet is slowly making me aware that it hurts
i am in shock but i am coming out of it
all of a sudden my chest is burning
i cant stand it
i start to scream and yell and cry
you just stare at me
you did this to me
but yet i am not mad at you
i am not mad at you at all
then everything starts to get darker and darker
then everything seems to start to spin
i flashback
then i come back
i slowly watch as the world fades away and then it is all black
i hear my friend screaming for me to wake up
but i slowly fade away
~Fade, by Anonymous
 "my story is based on bullying for i have been bullied many times and want to put a stop to it" 

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