THIS ONE, by Anonymous

this goes out for the kids who have all been bullied,
spit on, stepped on when there down, the kids who eat lunch alone,
the new kid in town who hasn’t discovered just how amazing he really is, the “weird” kid in the corner,
the emo kids, the misfits, the loner, this goes out to the weird couple you always see in the mall,
the lonely woman eating dinner by herself in a fancy restaurant, the lonely husband tucking his kids into bed,
the abandoned baby at the orphanage, the truck driver who does everything for his family but never gets to see them,
this goes out to the people never noticed, the 40 year old virgins, the pregnant 16 year old. the spelling bee winner,
the abused kid who blames himself for what happened, the kid who sees his dad hit his mom,
the one and only kid who ever stood up to the bully and got his ass beat, the chess champion,
this goes out to the people who feel alone, stranded, depressed, mad, confused, sad, nothing.
this goes out to everyone who couldn’t say anything.
the people who are always there are always the ones who need the most help.
this goes out to remind people that one person can make a difference. One smile can save a life,
a thank you letter can brighten some ones day, a head nod can make someone smile,
sacrificing a lunch hour to sit with the new kid can make or break him.
This goes out to people to remind them that everything you do can and will impact someone in the world for better or for worse.
this goes out to the people of the world. Stay Strong My Friends.

~This One, by Anonymous

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