Why is there bullying?
What is the point in that?
Do you enjoy our pain?
Does it make you feel stronger?
Or is it the fact that you could be destroying someone’s life?
Or causing someone to take their life?
Is that cool?
Does it make you hotter?
Does it make girls want to have sex with you?
Or guys want to have sex with you?
Bullying isn’t cool.
What if the boy you just bullied for being gay,
Or that girl you bullied for making herself sick,
So she’ll be thin enough to fit in,
What if they committed suicide?
You caused them to do that.
You basically murdered them.
How does that make you feel now?
Still feel strong?
Still feel hot?
If you do, you need help.
Causing someone’s death is not good.
If you use your life to make others crap,
I have something to say to you.
Your life is fake, get a real one
~Why Is There Bullying? by Alexandria R
“I wrote this after the bullying that was happening at my school to me and the few friends I have got out of hand. Nothing exciting, just my opinion on bullying and bullies.”

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