If every day they pulled my hair
If every day they teased
All the time and everywhere
They still would not be pleased.
How they hear and what they see
The comments in the hall
None of it can yet touch me
I’m the strongest of them all.
Why don’t you speak, why don’t you yell?
They have nothing over you
You hide inside you turtle shell
And let them see right through.
Why do you run, why do you hide?
Why don’t you stand and fight?
If it were me, I’d show my pride
And make things between us right.
So don’t let them make you sad
Don’t let them tell you otherwise
Their words and looks, they’re just a fad
And you’ll always take the prize.
~What I Would Say, by Abby H
“This poem is about how I feel about bullying, and how people should stand up to bullies who have no actual threat over them. I hope that more kids will be able to find this courage to stand up and be true to themselves.”

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