HATED SUICIDE, by piplup25

You showed my secret to the world
You made feel like my life has ended
Now people abuse me
Even those who are completely anonymous
All I want to do is scream
Scream away my abuse
All of my pain
All of my sorrow
All I want is a light in my life
Maybe you just destroyed the emergency exit
You see these scars
These were caused by you
All I want to see right now is you burning into ashes in a fire
The orange shades creating a light in my life again
You think I’m overreacting
Well you want to see all of the affects you pushed into my life
The only thing that I have in life is myself
I hate you
You crossed the line
I don’t plan to build a bridge and cross over this time
All I want to see is you disappear
Why can’t you go now
Why can’t you just leave me alone
All that I wake up to is abuse
All that I go to sleep to is nightmares about you
Nobody cares for me anymore
Just because of that one sentence you said
That breath you took beforehand
Breathing in the evil mist that cloaks around you
All you had to do was keep your mouth shut
But you told them
You told them all
Now I don’t know who to trust
Should I trust my friends anymore
Should I trust my family anymore
I no longer desire to continue my life
So today I say good bye
Maybe you don’t care about me now
But when I’m no longer around you’ll feel for me
So all I have to say to you is:
“I hate you and this is good bye… forever!”
~Hated Suicide, by piplup25 on deviantArt
“This is the worst affect of bullying, SUICIDE!
Stop the bullying and stop the pain in the victim’s heart!
Any form of bullying can cause someone to commit suicide even just revealing someones secret (as in the poem)! Stop the madness! Stop the abuse! Stop the bullying!”

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