BULLYING, by Krista W

Just one word.
That’s all it takes.
Continued by many.
Followed by pushing.
We wish it will stop.
We try hard to be strong.
To deal with it on our own.
But when we try and ask for help, we get put down and told to ‘get over it’.
It’s not just physical, it’s not just emotional.
It attacks our confidence.
And shatters our Esteem.


It threatens our well-being as we dream.
That maybe, just maybe we’ll be treated like everyone else. To feel what it’s like to not fear of
being hurt.

To those who bully; to those who judge.
Put on the shoes of someone who you have hurt and,
Walk a mile where they have walked.
Feel the feelings that they have felt.
And I hope that when you get to the end of the road that you think before you speak.

Bullying does not make you cool.

~Bullying, by Krista W
“I have been bullied relentlessly for a very long time. I know what it feels like when you are put down, when people call you nasty names, or start rumours that are definitely not true. After moving, the bullying became less and less and I finally felt as though I belong; however, it’s still out there. Even my own brother is being bullied at school…not just by students but his own teacher as well. People say that it’s all in our heads and that we should get over it. How can we when the words and actions made towards us on a daily basis make us feel as though we are not worth to be here? The scars from the turmoil that they have put us through will always be there, no matter what.”

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