~MLP Anti-Bullying Campaign, by Hannah R. T.
“I read an article about a young man who took his own life because of extremist religion and bullying (he was gay and the way people treated him because of that was what led to his death). Bullying is always treated as a “kids will work this out among themselves” issue and sometime ignored or even perpetuated by the adults that are supposed to stop it like parents and teachers. As a someone who is working toward becoming a teacher, this really, really bothers me that it’s hard to make people see bullying, whether it be online or otherwise, as a serious issue. So…I’m making a series of MLP posters with various reasons to stop bullying with Apple Bloom, Derpy Hooves, and Rainbow Dash”

5 thoughts on “MLP ANTI-BULLYING CAMPAIGN, by Hannah R. T.”

  1. If something isn't done in the series, either Apple Bloom will “commit suicide” or the running gag is gonna get so old, it won't be funny anymore. In fact, I think the bullying gag is already old. Being serious about something is what I'm all about and it's a part of who I am as a human being.Good choice of posters and I wish you best of luck in becoming a teacher!

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