Those words I hear,
The laughter in their voices.
I know that it is towards me,
Always towards me.
Did I do something wrong?


I see their mouths moving,
Their hands cupped to the other’s ear.
They spare quick glances and I knew,
They were talking about me.
I can see their mouths,
But the rest of their faces are a blur,
One of the crowd.

What did I do?
Was acting like myself not enough?

Someone pushes my books to the ground.
Someone laughs,
Then another,
And another,
Until they were all surrounding me.

Idiot, stupid, ugly and so much more words did I hear.
And they were all directed towards me.
I cried in my heart but shed no tears,
For that would show them my weakness.

These people…
They fed on the weak,
And disowned the brave.
Now that you hear what I say,
Would you be able to answer me?

Through this chaos and turmoil,
And burning of hearts.
Does anyone care?
If so,

~Those Words, by Annie A
“No matter what anyone says, don’t let it put you down. Don’t let it take hold of your life ’cause you’re going to deeply regret it later on… that is if you can still handle the pain and self pity. Don’t underestimate my words.”

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