ALONE, by Michaela S

I stand in the crowd.
Yet I am not seen.
Covered by a shroud.
An invisible teen.

My voice doesn’t show.
Yet you still laugh at me.
Treating me cold as snow.
Its hard to just let it be.

I want to fight back.
At my being, you throw insults and things.
My anger piling up in a stack.
My slowly tortured wings.

Why do you do this?
What have I done?
Why am I the one you diss?
Why am I the one you shun?

I walk through the halls
And you yell from my touch.
Your laughter even reaches the bathroom stalls.
I haven’t ever, to you, done that much.

I’ve convinced myself it’s only my fault.
What led to this was my unknown sin.
Your own personal assault.
I was never meant to win.

Each day it gets worse.
You crumple me up like trash.
You laugh at my curse.
I smile, and you treat it like a rash.

I’m not taking it anymore.
The smile on my face grows wide.
I ball up my fists.
And up to you I take a stride.

“You brought this on yourself.” I told them.
“Your the reason my hatred has took stem.”

I threw the first hit….

Later at home I sit on my own.
Covered in bruises that sting.
My heart made of stone.
It didn’t make me feel like a king.

No more of that smile.
It just recently faded.
I will see the blood on my hands for a while.
My eyes tired and jaded.

I hear the echo of their screams.
Why didn’t I stop?
It even haunts me in my dreams.
My head just might pop.

I see you the next morning.
Your eye swollen and dark.
No more of your scorning.
It seems I’ve left my mark.

We’ve finished our dance
There’s nothing to see.
I’ve put down my lance.
No one should be afraid of me.

They all turn away.
Not a word could be spoken.
You stay.
I guess this is my token.

You look me in the eye.
Grimacing at my very being.
Apparently you have been spreading a lie.
Now every one is fleeing.

You walk away slow.
Your laughter returning.
I can’t believe you sunk this low.
I begin concerning.

“Your over. I won.” 
You left with those words.
I’m left in a stun.
The students return in herds.

I stand in the crowd.
Yet I am not seen.
Covered by a shroud.
An invisible teen….

This was a poem written for my schools mini poetry slam. Dedicated to the bullying I recieved through elementary and middle school, also to those who have been bullied as I have. Going through what we have has made us stronger.”

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