One hit
Two hits
A warm, red liquid is mixed up with the desperate tears
Eyes closed
Focusing on survive the fight
“We don’t want you here you worthless coward!”
Turning away
Won’t show them the expression
Won’t let them know about the terrible feeling inside
about the pain
Just trying to survive the day
“I’m sorry
It’s over
I can’t do this anymore”
Eye’s filled with pain
Feeling tears start to roll down the cheek
and a heart which is breaking down into a million pieces
Screaming in anger
But won’t let him know exactly how much that hurt
Just trying to prove a point that doesn’t exist
Trying to win a fight you never wanted…
Everyday we are forced to win a fight we never wanted
Everyone has their own fight to endure
But we keep marching on
Like as if nothing ever happens
~We keep marching on, by Sofia B
I work daily against bullying in my school, I have been bullied, I have bullied (not something I’m exactly proud of, I wont excuse it but I was little, stupid and didn’t beat someone or something like that. I just, just didn’t do anything to help you know). But this poem is written with inspiration from One Republic’s song; We keep marching on.

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