YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME, by Emily Anderson

You think that you know me,
That you see me from all sides
But the truth? That’s only skin-deep.
Your truth is only lies.

The truth you seek is further,
Deeper than your words of hate.
Here lies me — the real me
And her sufferings are great.

So what if I’m weird?
I’m just being myself.
So what if I’m a nerd?
I make use of my bookshelf.

So what if I’m not pretty?
At least it isn’t fake.
So what if I seem snobby?
I’m just quiet, for Pete’s sake!

You really think you know me
Throwing insults down the hall,
But the truth? You know nothing.
Not a thing. Not at all.

You think that I’m a freak,
But the truth? I’m not.
It’s called being a human being.
How to act like one?
—– It seems that you forgot.

~You Think You Know Me, by Emily Anderson

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