YOU DON’T HAVE TO, by Anonymous

Four eyes gets shoved into lockers
Brace face gets thrown in the garbage
That girl gets called ugly
This nerd gets made fun of
We’ve all been there
Been called a name
Told we’ll never be cool enough
And for a while you actually believe them
But for those who have been shoved, kicked, punched, hurt with words, or manipulated into thinking you’re nothing
Gaze into your attackers eyes
Look real deep
You know that inside they’re just spilling their insecurities into you
Taking their pain and forcing it onto you
Relieving themselves for a split second seeing the hurt in your eyes
Don’t give them that satisfaction
Be the better one
Shrug them off
Use the classic “whatever” line and walk away
No one like that deserves your time
So don’t let them waste it
Time is precious
You can’t live forever
Next time that jerk comes up to you
Just remember
You don’t have to be loud
To be heard
You don’t have to fight
To make your point
And you don’t have to be stronger
To win the battle
~You Don’t Have To, by Anonymous
This is a Slam Poem that I had to write for my English class. I wrote it for people who have been bullied because when I was younger I was bullied and I wished that someone would have told me that it would have all been okay. It’s kind of about me and yet generalizes bullying at the same time. I may not be able to stop bullying completely but I can help people to get through it.

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