REMEMBER ME? by JellicleSong

Hello, my name is…
Remember me?
No? Are you sure?
Take a closer look…
Do you remember these glasses that have been broken
by your hands?
This hair that has been pulled
by your fingers?
This face that has been called ugly
by your words?
This spirit that has been scarred
by your hate?
…Remember now?
No need to apologize,
It’s a little too late for that.
I just wanted you to know that I don’t resent you,
and I definitely don’t hate you.
I feel sorry for you.
You must have hated yourself enough to
make me want to hate myself.
But I forgive you,
the past
is the past.
And as strange as it sounds,
it was good to see you again.
I’ll leave you alone now.
But, before I go,
I wish you well
and ask you to please
remember me…
~Remember Me? by JellicleSong
“Based on a conversation that I had with a former bully of mine who I happend to run into four years after he bullied me. We had a short conversation, and I forgave him for all the things he did to me, even though he didn’t remember me.”

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