~born That way, by Paul R

“When I was growing up, I felt very separate from my peers. Now I understand it is because I am gay, but at the time, all I knew was that bullies picked up on the fact that there was something different about me and tried to make me feel worthless. I started to think I had an inherent flaw that had been present since birth and needed to be squelched if I was to ever have a ‘normal’ life. Thankfully, I had a strong support system, including Linda Regula (my You Will Rise Project co-founder) who taught me to channel my feelings into artistic expression, helping me find confidence in myself along the way and ultimately grow up to embrace the person I was born to be.”

1 thought on “BORN THAT WAY, by Paul R”

  1. Paul I'm so glad I saw the article on you in 614 magazine.I really like this and have often felt this way.I'm glad you found the help earlier in life unlike me but at least I'm getting it now.I'm trying to get the word out on this and the Facebook site.You have my permission to post my work on the FB site here as well.Thanks for alowing us to express-David Walker

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