THIS IS ME! by Ash P

~This is me! by Ash P
“My picture was inspired by a song I heard on the radio and later on a friends Ipod. The song is called Make it stop by Rise against. The song shows and tells about 3 teenagers being bullied and how they almost give up but continue on with their life and make something good out of it. They rise above the bullies and make themselves feel good. The message behind my picture is to simple move on and think about who you are. Are you really ‘Stupid’ or ‘Worthless’ as some may say to you? You have to think it over and my piece kind of reminds you to say to yourself, “this is me” I don’t care what you say

1 thought on “THIS IS ME! by Ash P”

  1. OMG I love that song, very good drawing, and good meaning. I didn't know the meaning to that song, but now I do. That song has a good meaning, so does the art. This makes me want to come forward to the people around me about what I truly am, a furry.

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