~Liquid Latex Bullying Dress, by Elaina Daley
“I created this for my alevel textiles class along with two other dresses it has the song lyrics from the sugababes song ”when I was seven they said I was strange, I noticed that my eyes and hair were the same” This was inspired by bullying and how I over came bullying and how my art has helped me to become the person I am today, I had a lot of fun creating this out of Liquid Latex.

I wrapped clingfilm around a manikin and then I pinned two zips at the side and then I mixed Liquid Latex with the thickener in a separate tub with the correct ml, I then basically poured this onto the manikin but this was quite time consuming so I just dipped my hand into it and started rubbing it all together, It did requires alot of layers and the smell of the Latex was unbearable at times because it was so strong, I then had to wait for it to dry and then I used glass paints to add the typography.

I am really happy with this dress and it is also black at the front with white typography, I mixed the latex with black paint to change the color.”

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