Artwork by E M B

~Day In, Day Out (Censored), by E M B
When you hear something day after day, you come to believe it. No matter what someone says later, you believe what they said about you. To yourself you can never be beautiful, you can never be kind, you can never be what people see you as.
~Excused For Ignorance, by E M B
If you blow off reports of bullying, there’s no need for you to step in because it’s ‘not happening’ even though the evidence is right in front of you.
~Trapped In The Dark, by E M B
No one bothers with you til you’re a medical mystery, then that’s all you are, a guinea pig.
~The Mask of Happiness, by E M B
No one bothers to prod past a smile, believing it’s not their business even if it’s their responsibility to help.
~Too Late, by E M B
Sometimes help comes too late when the damage is too great to bear.

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