Bullying is for the weak,
Who harm others with violence and words.
Attention is what they seek,
No mind is paid to those who are hurt.
Teasing is for the mindless,
Who have no self-esteem.
How can people be so cruel and heartless?
To destroy and crush others’ dreams.
What a world we live in,
So full of hate and dread.
The effects of words pierce through the skin,
When used incorrectly and leave many dead.
Wrists are cut and blood is spilled,
By the poor victims of bullying.
One by one, they are killed,
Believing that no one can hear their crying.
Casualties pile up each day,
And more people are there to mourn.
Unable to find any other way,
Every day, a new victim and bully are born.
People are bullied almost all the time,
It depends on the tormentor and victim.
Bullying is said to be a crime,
Others see it as a sin.
People are harassed a lot,
Because of their fashion sense, race, or religion.
They call them names, they steal what they’ve got,
Victims will cry, or say “I’m done!”
Bullying ends in more ways than one,
And this news shocks many on this planet.
Some victims may bring a handgun,
Teaching bullies everywhere a lesson they’ll never forget.
School massacres are caused by this,
Like the ones in Virginia Tech or Columbine.
The ones who were taunted and dissed,
Leave a trail of blood and innocent people dying.
Poison, hanging, and jumping,
Are a few ways to get out of it.
No point of reason or talking
Can help them one bit.
There are cases where they can
Get away with murder, to parents’ dismay.
Bullies who get away can strike again,
No matter what the victims say.
A new girl in school, unaware of a plan,
Cruel, cruel rumors spread by her peers.
So confused and hurt, she doesn’t understand,
A heart is left broken, her eyes shed tears.
A young man makes a friend,
Who is as manipulative as he is heartless.
Who forces the young man’s relationship to an end,
An ex-girlfriend of his who shows nothing but kindness.
Those who are gentle and quiet,
So kind and often trusts.
These are the kind of people, I bet,
Are those with spirits, their tormentors bust.
We hear their cries, we see their tears,
But most of the time, no help is sent.
Bullying is a problem many parents fear,
Because it leads to broken hearts that won’t always mend.
~Pain of Bullying, by Kendra W
“This poem is about what bullying is to myself and others around the world who despise it, and the poem consists of two real life examples a couple of my friends experienced.”

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