Artwork and Poetry by Kayla M

~Stop Hate’n, Stop Gay Bullying, by Kayla M
“On the hand, each finger wears a ring of the couple symbols. Each finger is held to the hand to show were all together on this earth so we shouldn’t try pushing people out of our society because some see them as different where if you looked at someone you could never see them as different till something is said. So why people wastye there time to hate what they see as wrong is just pointless because there will always be gays/bi’s/trans wether some people like it on not so they should just deal with it.”
~Kiinoe’s Wearin’ Pink, by Kayla M
“One day in the year everyone wears pink to show support against gay bullying so Kiinoe decided to grab as much pink he could find to support you guys!”
~What If I Joined? by Kayla M
“The ‘What If I Joined?’ is basically that we are standing up for every homosexual! Not that I am one, I’m completely straight but I hate it when people are hated for being who they are! Seriously people! Its been like this for a long time now and its not gonna change so suck it up and deal with it!”
Love is love, no matter the gender.
Through pain, through hate, it comes in such splendor.
So do not deny it, we are as were made.
With perfection we’ve come, and no reason to change.
Lets all hold hands, each couple of boy and of girl.
We sing our love anthem through out our great world!
We’ve got’n this far, as we come stand away.
For love is our battle, that we’ve won here today!
So stand by our side, and sing with us here.
Cause nothing will change us, not even our fear.
Love is love, no matter the gender.
So come and join us, for a threat we don’t render!
~Love Knows No Gender, by Kayla M
“Its kinda clear in the poem. Love is all around us and you can either support it or let it happen you can not try to get ride of it.”

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